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"Baanchangthai" was established by Master Kridakorn Sodprasert (or "Kru Lek")
to be a center for exploring the world of art in addition to learning more
about the martial art of Muay Thai.
That is, the classical style of Muay Thai known as "Muay Chaiya" !
Muay Chaiya Abroad
Individuals Who've Passed the Muay Chaiya Teacher Training Course
At 'Baanchangthai'
(Kru Muay Chaiya in Slovakia)
Richard Smalik

Muay Chaiya in Slovakia
By "Richard Smalik"

(Kru Muay Chaiya in France)
Fabrice Payen

Muay Chaiya in France
By "Fabrice Payen"

How To Do the "Tree Treasure Steps" in Various Other Ways


How To Do The Proper Fighting Stance

The Benefits of Practicing Muay Chaiya
Outside of the knowledge and various defensive techniques,
consistent & correct practice of Muay Chaiya
helps build character while toning & strengthening muscles
in addition to improving one's overall balance.

Do some more research
before you decide to learn the art.
Get To Know Muay Chaiya
In the proclaimed event where the martial art of Muay Chaiya was demonstrated at the "Culture Center", we're shown the legacy of a nation. It explains the history of Muay Chaiya, the way that boxers used to dress, how to assume the correct fighting stance, the way in which respect is paid to the teachers, methods of self-defense, how to execute offensive maneuvers, self-defense techniques for girls & women, and the "Luk Mai" (or tricks) of Muay Chaiya.
USEFUL TIPS FROM THE TV PROGRAM, “Revealing the Secrets of Muay Chaiya”
Back in ancient times, competition fighting in Muay Chaiya was not as easy as you would think. New fighters would wished to compete would have to test their abilities by sitting on a “KROAK” (or rice-pounding mortar) that has been turned upside down......
LUK MAI The word “LUK MAI” can be defined in many ways depending upon the viewpoint or perspective of the individual. Some viewpoints define it as a “stratagem” or “trick”. For example, “Don’t make it a *LUK MAI* to some extent” -or- it can be defined as some of the handiwork performed by an artisan, craftsman, engineer, and/or specialist. They… for example…

Muay Thai Equipment
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