KRU LEK TEACHES MUAY CHAIYA CHAPTER 1 - Muay Chaiya Baanchangthai Camp

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         It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about “MUAY” or the art of fighting. I’ve been really busy teaching “MUAY” in addition to fine arts, but I’ve managed to find the opportunity to do a little bit of that right now.

         The practice of “MUAY” initially requires having a decent amount of trust, faith, and/or belief. Trusting the contents within any field of study is very important because it is the driving force as well as determining factor behind a person’s level of diligence or perseverance. Trust is like the head of a spear which can cut through almost any type of obstacle in its path depending upon its level of sharpness and all.

         Since I was a young lad… I’ve come across many styles of fighting including Kung Fu, Wrestling, Karate, Judo, and so on. However, I’m not sure why I only wanted to learn and practice Muay Thai more than any other martial art.

         No matter what style of fighting from whichever country one chooses to learn or practice, one must know how to stand properly. As long as we’re not crippled or handicapped… as long as it’s not a time for us to go to sleep… as long as we’re not required to perform activities that require us to lie down such as receiving a massage or medical check-up… we must try to stand and balance ourselves in the proper manner or end up sitting to the point of our own detriment.

         Practicing Muay Thai requires us to do the very same thing. We must learn how to stand in a sturdy, strong, and stable position that will also allow us to remain safely guarded against attacks from an opponent. Muay Thai emphasizes the use of low level squatting types of stances so that the kneecaps can tighten up in order to prevent any un-necessary movement. When we’re able to stand properly, we can then practice footwork and movement.

         Teachers are a very important part of our lives. If you belief in what your teachers are telling you and have an earnest respect for them, then the various subject matter that your teachers are entrusting you with will become a part of you. As a result… you’ll be able to understand the material a lot more clearly and on a much deeper level. Things would then be much clearer and easier to understand on every level.

         The student must be an overall “good” person with the right amount of gratitude, honesty, sincerity, and truth in them. The student must avoid being excessively arrogant or conceited because these bad traits would lead to any number of distorted variations on the subject matter in question.


         I’ve explained everything in depth so that you can do an overall self-examination and see what needs to be corrected before you begin to practice Muay Thai. This is a field of study from the Eastern man. In my next segment, I will talk to you about the many advantages and by-products that come from practicing Muay Thai.
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