KRU LEK TEACHES MUAY CHAIYA CHAPTER 2 - Muay Chaiya Baanchangthai Camp

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         Practicing Muay Thai involves training the mind to think and the body to move in a systematic way. It involves doing things in a meticulous and careful manner. It involves knowing what one should do. It involves knowing what one should NOT do ! To know what is good. To know what is NOT good !

         The impatient trainee will have to be thoroughly disciplined by doing the warm-up exercises. You have to do the exercises that the teacher assigns you. That is, each exercise will vary in accordance with the difficulty level. And, each exercise demands careful attention as well as a thorough examination & exploration of each movement. It requires having a presence of mind. Be attentive, determined, and resolute in your training sessions until you’re able to do everything correctly as well as automatically. Therefore… you could refer to it as honing your own body while, simultaneously, allowing it to receive “nutrients” or “fertilizer”. That is, one can obtain the various details pertaining to the art of Muay Thai from then onwards.

         When you can say that you’ve clearly passed a certain level, you will know in yourself that you have become an increasingly patient individual. You will become more systemized than you were before. You will obtain new knowledge that will emerge as a result of trusting your teachers and loving what you’re doing. You will, automatically, feel like cherishing our national heritage more than before.

         The next batch of “nutrients” or “fertilizer” would pertain to practicing defense. You should be extra observant during your first level of training. How will we practice defense without making any mistakes or thinking incorrectly? And… when we can perform the various steps required in training flawlessly, then we can use what we have received which would be the accuracy of a learned motion to give ourselves automatic protection in any given situation. And… when we can defend ourselves properly, we can respond or deliver counterattacks in a clear & efficient manner.

         Next time, I will talk about practicing defense followed by delivering counterattack techniques as well as practicing simultaneous defense & counterattack moves.
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