KRU LEK TEACHES MUAY CHAIYA CHAPTER 3 - Muay Chaiya Baanchangthai Camp

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         Simultaneous defense & counterattack means protecting one’s self while allowing pain to bounce right back to the opponent. With regards to practicing simultaneous defense & counterattack, it is necessary for you to practice the 4 “BPs” of Chaiya until you understand them. Practice everything until it all becomes instinctual and/or second nature to you. The more you practice the 4 “BPs” of Chaiya to the point where they become a reflex or automatic response, the more power you will be able to deliver in your simultaneous defense & counterattack moves.

         When you practice, you should have a training partner standing with you. One side would slap, punch, kick, uppercut, hook, etc. as you defend yourself using the 4 “BPs”.
การฝึกมวยไทย พื้นฐาน
         The 4 “BPs” of Chaiya are both the foundation for a good defense in addition to being a series of intelligent, prudent, marvelous, and amazing forms of counterattack wherein the opponent won’t realize what happened until it is too late. That’s because there is an understanding of the importance behind the concept of turning as well as understanding the concept of diverting. Using hard parts of the body in order to adversely affect the weapon(s) of the opponent. And… second nature means delivering simultaneous defense & counterattack moves in the most efficient manner as previously stated.

         With regards to defense followed by an immediate counterattack… When you have practiced simultaneous defense & counterattack techniques until you have obtained a good level of proficiency in the matter, it will become a natural reflex for you when training defense followed by immediate counterattack. Defending means lifting up your arms in order to “BPONG” (PROTECT) using the “Teacher’s Position” and/or boxing guard. OR… you can also “BPID” (CLOSE), “BPUD” (DEFLECT), or “BPERD” (OPEN). The counterattack occurs after you have defended yourself using your fists, feet, knees, and elbows in response to the opponent’s attack. That is… if you practice how to deliver the fighting techniques of Muay Thai until fluent and/or proficient, then you can… inevitably… gain an advantage over your opponent in addition to obtaining speed. And… when you practice defense followed by an immediate counterattack until you have obtained a certain level of perfection, ancient masters in the past… therefore… would designate you as a sort of “perfect person” or someone who has (undoubtedly) obtained great reflexes with regards to the kind of simultaneous defense & counterattack moves that Muay Thai should have.

         As it was explained briefly… for all of you who wish to practice Muay Thai or Muay Chaiya to whatever extent that you want to learn it… one should start practicing from the ground up.

From here onwards… allow me to use every available opportunity to explain the type of training involved in the following level(s).
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