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What is “MAE MAI”?
........This particular question is like… as the Thai saying goes… “Grass at the entrance to the stall”. “Easy pickings”, so to speak. It seems like a question that anyone is capable of answering and also capable of deriving various examples from. For instance… “Crocodile Whips Its Tail”, “Deer Looks Back”, “INAO Stabs His Kris Dagger”, “HIRAN Overturns the Earth”, etc. Almost all of the aforementioned items have often been claimed to be different types of “MAE MAI” (“Main Techniques” or “Major Tricks”). But… what if someone asked, “Where are all of the LUK MAI (“Supplementary Techniques” or “Minor Tricks”) if those aforementioned items are MAE MAI (“Main Techniques” or “Major Tricks”)??” It would probably put the person who stated the definition of “MAE MAI” in an unusual position and cause some mandatory re-thinking of the term as well as its definition. Or, the person must give an obscure answer of some sort. It has often been heard, but still NOT understood! Or… they’ve heard about it, but thought that they still haven’t learned that far yet in order to fully comprehend the meaning of the word and obtain a sufficient amount of understanding about it or something along those lines.

*MAE MAI* refers to the “Teacher’s Position” (or primary guarding position) taught and used by a specific teacher.
The aforementioned phrase was uttered from two of the highest & most exalted teachers of Muay Chaiya. Namely, grandmaster KADE SRIYAPAI and KRU TONGLOR YAHLAA (the grandmaster’s most beloved student). Why did they explain it that way?

……..A person who is to become a mother (or “MAE” in Thai) is a person who must be absolute, abundant, complete, perfect, and prosperous. The person must be strong and completely ready to take on the role of being a mother (or “MAE” in Thai). The words “completely ready” means everything is complete, perfect, and prosperous. Not allowing negligence to become an issue at any age, status or relative position. To be a person of good character. It’s required behavior to be able to train as well as properly raise & look after one’s small children. That’s not all, though. The person must take time out during their pregnancy. The person must also be careful & cautious while eating and walking as well. There are many other necessary restrictions & limitations that the person should be aware of prior to giving birth to a small child that is to become perfect & prosperous. Therefore… a person has earned the title of “mother” (or “MAE” in Thai) if they’re absolute, abundant, complete, perfect, and prosperous.

……..This is not necessarily a suitable thing for some individuals due to the fact that they’re insufficiently ready in terms of maturity or status as well as being one of good character. Those particular individuals haven’t received the proper training or discipline. The child that is delivered must, surely, end up having some unavoidable problems & issues of various kinds.


"ท่าครู" หรือ "แม่ไม้" ของมวยไชยา
"ท่าครู" หรือ "แม่ไม้" ของมวยไชยา

The “Teacher’s Position” is where we can also apply those aforementioned concepts & principles. You have to instruct yourself from the very beginning of your training. You have to make yourself understand everything on every level and you must be meticulous in your learning process and do exactly what your teacher instructs you to do. Practice until you’ve mastered the basic level curriculum and every subsequent level until you’ve reach the higher levels. It all depends upon the amount of time and persistence that one puts into one’s training regimen. Train & practice until days turn into months and months turn into years. It’s like having a teacher (“KRU”) with you or keeping the “Teacher’s Position” (“TAH KRU” in Thai) with you as a sort of personal treasure. This specific type of treasure is the kind that will stay with you throughout your entire life.

……..A perfect “Teacher’s Position” (“TAH KRU” in Thai) for whichever teacher or style we’re referring to should contain hidden concepts as well as secret methods pertaining to defense & attack, trickery & deception, and the methods of movement that your teachers & masters have taught you. And… whenever you deliver strikes, you must, inevitably, come back to the “Teacher’s Position” (“TAH KRU” in Thai). The “Teacher’s Position” (“TAH KRU” in Thai) is frequently used when fighting in the ring. This is because the individual who trains & applies one’s self to the art of fighting (“MUAY”) until proficient to that level will be bold enough to fight in the ring. That is, except in certain instances where the individual must adapt themselves to certain situations that might occur. The “Teacher’s Position” is also a way to show gratitude by indicating which teacher the student has learned from & which master the student has dedicated himself or herself to.

……..The things that I have explained to you in great detail might allow certain individuals to figure out that the “Teacher’s Position” (“TAH KRU” in Thai) is also the “MAE MAI” (“Main Technique”). However, there are likely to be some individuals who might not understand that. Allow me to summarize everything so that you can have a better understanding of it all. A good mother (or “MAE” in Thai) can, inevitably, take good care of her little children. The “Teacher’s Position” (“TAH KRU” in Thai) is capable of doing the very same thing. A perfect “Teacher’s Position” (“TAH KRU” in Thai) is like a mother ready to protect us at a moment’s notice. It allows us to maintain safety from the force of an attack as well as deliver effective counterattack moves. It’s as if we’re watching the enemy from a fortress or stronghold. When the enemy decides to climb in, we can… inevitably… drive them away. That is, the action of driving away or delivering counterattacks is known as “LUK MAI”.

……..When we have reached this particular point in our journey, every individual will see that no matter if we’re talking about “Crocodile Whips Its Tail”, “Deer Looks Back”, or “HIRAN Overturns the Earth”… all of them are considered “LUK MAI”. OR… we might be able to say that every move that was officially described as “MAE MAI” is actually “LUK MAI” in reality.
How to use LUK MAI

……..You should only use “LUK MAI” that you have obtained the most expertise in alongside employing the art of trickery & deception. That includes baiting the opponent by leaving gaps or openings for them to fall into. Or… one might feign injury or pretend to experience pain at times. You must practice “LUK MAI MUAY” (“fighting techniques”) until you have become fully proficient in them and are able to select the ones that are best suited for the situation presented to you. For instance… if you encounter a fighter who likes to use punches, then you should prepare to use “LUK MAI” that counters punches such as “Extinguish the Lantern”, “Warlord Strikes His Lance”, “NAGA the Mystical Serpent Slithers into the Netherworld”, “INAO Stabs with His Kris Dagger”, and so on. You must know how to feign or be skillful in the art of trickery. That is the best & proper way to assume the guarding position.
Your boxing guard must have a gap or opening so that the opponent will think that they can obtain an easy victory against you by throwing punches into it. And… when the opponent falls for the deception… you can use “LUK MAI MUAY” (or “fighting techniques”) that you can perform distinctly and efficiently.

……..There are many specific uses for each of the existing “LUK MAI” of Muay Thai. Some “LUK MAI MUAY” (or “fighting techniques”) were designed to cause aggravation while others were created to subdue the enemy. There are also a few fighting techniques made simply for the purpose of insulting the other person such as “Foot Strokes the Face”. Some “LUK MAI MUAY” were invented for use in shows & demonstrations and shouldn’t be used in real life confrontations. It’s necessary for every practical “LUK MAI MUAY” to be able to use the art of deception and apply stratagem. “LUK MAI MUAY” must employ tricks & subterfuge while luring the opponent in order to make the best use of them. And… every “LUK MAI MUAY” must, inevitably, rely upon the “MAE MAI” which is also the “TAH KRU” (“Teacher’s Position”) of a specific teacher or style. Train until days turn into months & months turn into years. Train until your “MAE MAI” (or “TAH KRU” or “Teacher’s Position”) and your “LUK MAI” become helpful to one another. Train until you can use them whenever you wish to.
IF your “MAE MAI” is strong, then your “LUK MAI” will be strong.

The mother (or “MAE” in Thai) and her beloved children (or “LUK” in Thai) should be bound together or attached to each other on every familiar level. The “MAE MAI” and “LUK MAI” should also be bound together or attached to each other in the same way and all.

The mother (or “MAE” in Thai) looks after her beloved children (or “LUK” in Thai) on every familiar level. When the children (or “LUK” in Thai) grow up, they… in turn… look after their beloved mother (or “MAE” in Thai).
……..Individuals who practice Muay Thai ought to put their hearts into the care of their own “MAE MAI”. Muay Thai trainees should be persistently as well as diligently looking after their “MAE MAI” in the best way possible until it becomes abundantly strong. Whenever a “LUK MAI” is being delivered, it will be a most effective & efficient one.

Next time, I will briefly explain about how to practice delivering strikes. I hope that you will all stick around with me for that.

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