KRU LEK TEACHES MUAY CHAIYA CHAPTER 9 - Muay Chaiya Baanchangthai Camp

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........I just came back after many days of promoting and spreading the fighting art of Muay Chaiya to China. It might have allowed every individual to wonder where I went. The weather was very cold over there, but I had to tolerate it in order to deliver my best possible work. It was worth it because I was able to popularize the style to the people of a nation outside of Thailand and make them see the value of a fighting art like Muay Chaiya. I must give my most sincere thanks, gratitude & appreciation to the “Tourism Authority of Thailand” for allowing me and my disciples to have the opportunity to demonstrate the art at this particular time around and all. And, it won’t be long until I bring the art that I was able to demonstrate THERE to all of you HERE!

……..Let’s return to the topic of Muay Chaiya at hand, shall we? Previously, we explained the meaning of the terms “MAE MAI” and “LUK MAI”. Now, let’s talk about the methodology utilized when delivering strikes in the style of Muay Chaiya.
The FIST is a weapon that is formed from combining all of the five existing fingers of the hand together into a single fighting unit. You should fold your thumbs over all of the five existing fingers which have been rolled into the palms of your hands. Try to position the back of your hands and wrists along the same straight line. And, your thumbs… which should be folded in the proper place, by the way… must NOT protrude outside of the range of your palms! It will be then and only then that we can say that you have perfectly formed fists. Regarding how to throw punches in the style of Muay Thai… If you want them to achieve a state of near flawlessness, then you must diligently & persistently practice the art of “PLIK LIEAM” (or “changing angles” or turning the body), rocking the body back & forth, and turning the shoulders on a consistent basis. Practice all of these aforementioned actions every single time until there is a connection between your punching arm and the leg that is stepping forward when you move in to deliver a punch.

……..There are a wide variety of punches in Muay Thai. But, the most important punching techniques that one should try to practice as often as possible include the straight punches (“TIM” & “GRATAAK”). The “TIM” punch is merely the front or lead fist. The “GRATAAK” punch is simply the back or rear fist. We also have “WIEANG SUN” (short swing), “WIEANG YOW” (long swing), “MUHD GRAH-TOONG” (ramming punch), “MUHD NGUD” (uppercut), “MUHD KOKE” (knocking punch), and “MUHD KAKE” (knuckling punch).


……..With regards to how to practice delivering punches… The fist is a body weapon that can adjust itself to become either a short range weapon or long range weapon. Training should involve practicing both short range punches as well as long range punches. You should maintain proper distancing when you’re practicing your punching techniques. When you’ve obtain proper distancing in training, you should practice the following:
“MUHD TIM” (Chaiya style JAB)

........Assume the Chaiya style stance & primary guarding position. Extend your front or lead fist outwards from the primary guarding position without drawing back your arm while… simultaneously… opening up your rear heel as you lean your body forwards. Your shoulders do not turn and your fist is positioned at chin level. Avoid extending your arm out to its fullest extent. Keep your arm bent, more or less. Allow your bent elbow to open upwards while preventing it from depressing downwards. The other hand should be close around the ear area and allow your elbow to point directly downwards.
“MUHD GRATAAK” (Chaiya style CROSS)
........When you can properly deliver the “TIM” punch, “PLIK LIEAM” (or “change angles” as they say in Thai) which means turn your entire body via the balls of both feet without changing your guard. Turn on the balls of both feet while… simultaneously… turning your shoulders in order to help throw the fist that was covering your ear in a straight line. Avoid straightening the arm all the way out, though. Keep the punching arm bent (more or less) as you… simultaneously… open or lift the elbow up and turn on the ball of the foot with the raised heel. Meanwhile, the “TIM” punch follows in the direction of your turn.

……..You should practice delivering the “MUHD TIM” (Chaiya style JAB) and “MUHD GRATAAK” (Chaiya style CROSS) until you’ve obtained a decent level of proficiency and/or expertise in both guards. From there, you should begin practicing the “WIEANG SUN” (short hook) and “WIEANG YOW” (long hook) the next chance that you get to do so.
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